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Spa Track Video Demonstration – Tray Counts Down From 1 Hour To 1 Minute

Time spent counting surgical instruments in UK hospitals is estimated to be costing the NHS over £160 Million per annum. Best Practice recommends a tray set, up to 50 instruments, should be counted manually three times per procedure in the operating theatre (once before and twice after) and twice in the sterile services department (as the tray set is prepared for theatre and again when it returns for cleaning). This amounts to staff labour time of approximately 60 minutes.

Spa Track’s engineers have released a brand new video demonstration showing how their fit-for-purpose, RFID solution, which is based on UHF technology, will reduce the average surgical industry tray count time significantly.

This video demonstration shows the Spa Track technology achieving a 12 second tray count whilst providing clear and accurate information and a graphical display of counted items. Five counts per procedure at 12 seconds per tray count means counting time is down from over an hour to just 1 minute.

View the Spa Track video demonstration here.

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